Welcome to Hód-Biotech!

The owners of the Hód-Biotech ltd. are Dr. Zoltán Bagi and Máté Fuchsz. They have wide experience in the field of microbiology and agriculture, in the biotechnological background of biogas plants operating with different kinds of substrates. They were trained in foreign laboratories and agricultural biogas plants.


The firm gives services in two main areas. The first one is substrate analysis for the engineering companies, and laboratory measurements of fermentation residues for biogas plants. The second line is making feasibility studies before biogas plant investments.


  • Hungrana Co.
  • TEVA Co.
  • Rossi Biofuels - Komárom
  • ATEV and Atevszolg Co.
  • Pálhalmai Agrospeciál Ltd.
  • Bio-Genezis Ltd.