The owners of the Hód-Biotech ltd. are Dr. Zoltán Bagi and Máté Fuchsz. They have wide experience in the field of microbiology and agriculture, in the biotechnological background of biogas plants operating with different kinds of substrates. They were trained in foreign laboratories and agricultural biogas plants. Dr. Zoltán Bagi is working at the University of Szeged, Department of Biotechnology. His Ph.D dissertation examined the microbiological processes of the biogas fermentation, resulting in an international patent. After the recognition of the increasing interest in renewable energy production worldwide, the owners decided to launch a complex microbiological laboratory service in the field of biogas fermentation. The other main aim of the firm is the participation in the Hungarian biogas industry development and research. The Hód-Biotech ltd. find it important to introduce the biogas technology to our society hence it joined the Hungarian Biogas Association.