Laboratory measurements

We provide large variety of laboratory measurements for the owners of the industrial biogas plants. Our equipment is continuously developing so thus we can perform the results quicker than foreign laboratories.

30-day gas yield tests can be made for different substrate biomass types at mesophilic and thermophilic temperature. It is possible to make continuous measurements in 5l volume laboratory scale test fermentors. The loading rate, the retention time, and temperature can be tested using one, two or three stage fermentation.

We provide complex microbiological service to maintain the optimal fermentation in the biogas reactor. The measurable parameters are found at the table below. We analyze the samples in a short deadline. We perform the measurements at an average of 5 working days after receiving the samples, depending on the sample number. If the microbiology of the biogas plant incurred any problems, we assume to deliver the results of the measurements within 2 working days for an extra charge, which include mostly the volatile acid analysis on HPLC system, the ammonium-ion concentration, buffer capacity, total volatile acid concentration, pH, and conductivity determination. If we give these results, it is possible to recover the microbiology of the biogas plant.