The firm gives services in two main areas. The first one is substrate analysis for the engineering companies, and laboratory measurements of fermentation residues for biogas plants. The second line is making feasibility studies before biogas plant investments. These services still were available only abroad, but the results were not accurate because of the long transportation time of the samples. After the quick analysis the client gets the results in Hungarian language (or in English, German language) in a few working days, which allows a quick reaction in the control of the microbiological process. The technological providers of the biogas plants need a partner who makes quick, precise measurements. The Hód-Biotech ltd. takes orders for laboratory measurements mainly from firms building biogas plants in Hungary. At present we make weekly measurements for the second largest biogas plant in the country, our aim is to provide the laboratory background for 20% of the biogas plants which will be built in the coming years.


Our legal advise activity

Within the framework of our legal profession we take responsibility for these activities both in Hungarian and English language:

- giving advise for the proper legal form before enterprise founding
- founding or restructuring companies with modifying their deed
- representation the company in front of the Company’s House
- representation our clients by power of attorney and taking part of at the allowance procedure
- tender lookout and watching applications
- giving adequate information of the legal regulations of the whole biogas field
- writing and making different type of applications
- project management
- making contracts (such as sales, enterprise, leasing, atipical contracts etc.)
- representation both legal entities and private persons at civil cases
- representation of the parties  in legal disputes between the  company and their members
- patent announcements to the Patent Office
- Alternative Dispute Resolution (ex: mediation, out-of court negotiations)
- legal texts interpretation from Hungarian into English and reverse

The legal regulations in connection with renewable energies has been changing from time to time very fast. By the way, we make emphasis on the profound knowledge of these existing legal conditions and their small details, as well. With our assistance by having these recent information your new enterprise should become as a successful participant of biogas market moreover your existing enterprise should operate more effective.

We can guarantee you, our legal expert is fully pays attention to the correctness, and especially she is aware of  the exact deadlines. During our assistance service we treat the distance very flexible, in spite of our firm is located in Szeged, our field of activity operates anywhere in Hungary.
Reference: Hód-Biotech Limited Corporation. It’s attorney at law, called Andrea Jeney, who representes the firm from the very beginning. Her address is: Tisza Lajos krt.34. – 6720 Szeged Hungary Telefone number: 20/455-48-35,


Book edition activity 

The Hód-Biotech Searching and Developing Limited Company is get involved in book edition activity. This was the reason why as expanding the scope of duties, the diploma Publisher was established in 2010, and that became an original  collection of dissertations and scientific publications, and over publishing traditional, printed books, journals, it is also  concerned in publishing, sales of electronic issues,  and gives such a professional background, source of knowledge at the same time, which supports  the search-work  as much as the introduction of the talent experts and students, as well.


The Diploma Publisher

The main purpose of the Diploma Publisher is establishing such a data-and knowledge base, where

  • scientific and documentary studies,
  • publications of students and teachers and other publications,
  • graduation studies, Ph.D. thesis, can be easily opened up as wide as possible.

Our company – over the scientific and documentary working – also supports publishing of the polite-literature creations.

The Diploma Publisher operates as a forum at the same time, where the public questions in connection with diploma writing, searching, publications could be discussed, moreover the researchers and students should ask for assistance if it is needed.

The Professional Day and Conference gives opportunities of recognition under preferential conditions  for both the territorial and foreign possibilities.

That is a possibility for the beginners of appearance in front of the public, in turn the experienced experts should give new directions for the coming generations, while developing  new relationships. Over the publication we introduce to the public the author and his professional activity – awarded as  „The author of this month”.

Types of publishing the works:

  • online publishing and sale (with uploading by the author – if it is needed  with assistance of Diploma Publisher, – whose synopsis is acceptible freely all the day)
  • e-book (in electronic format, publishing and issuing the works marked  with ISBN number at the Diploma Publisher’s homepage)
  • printed books (means: printed books, journals designed and published by Diploma Publisher, whose sales procedure operates in assistance of Diploma Publisher’s homepage)